Protecting Intellectual Property and Trade Secrets with a Data-Centric Security Model

Intellectual property and trade secrets, although intangible, can be some of the most valuable assets of an enterprise, especially as the world moves towards a more digitized knowledge-based economy. It is critical that organizations safeguard these assets to maintain their advantage in an ever more globalized competitive landscape.

Even as these intangible assets become more essential to protect, the nature of business makes that protection more challenging. Operations, workforces, supply chains, and distribution networks are spread across multiple geographies with different regulations and security standards. Attempting to maintain segregated networks and systems in such an environment as a means of protection is both expensive and ineffective.

The solution to these challenges is implementing a data-centric security approach that utilizes attribute-based access control to enforce data access policies, regardless of the systems or networks on which sensitive data is being accessed. Data-centric security is a main pillar of Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) and Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and many companies are investing in ZTA or ZTNA to improve their network architecture.

Join NextLabs and IBM for this business solution webinar where our experts will describe best practices for protecting intellectual property and trade secrets using a data-centric security model.

In this webinar we will cover:

  •  Advantages of Data-Centric Security Models
  • Methods to implement Attribute Based Security Models on your networks and systems
  • How to handle data protection across different situations, including implementing carve outs to comply with sanctions resulting from geopolitical events

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