Implementing Flexible Access Controls: Best Practices from The National Cybersecuritry Center of Excellence

Enterprises rely upon strong access control mechanisms to ensure that corporate resources (e.g. applications, networks, systems and data) are not exposed to anyone other than an authorized user. As business requirements change, enterprises need highly flexible access control mechanisms that can adapt.

The application of attribute based policy definitions enables enterprises to accommodate a diverse set of business cases and to include identities federated from external security domains. The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCoE) is publishing a NIST SP 1800 Practice guide, detailing an approach that the NCCoE took in developing an ABAC reference architecture and build.

In this webinar, Bill Fisher, NCCoE ABAC project lead, discusses the NCCoE business model, why the NCCoE is focusing on ABAC and ways in which organizations can move towards an ABAC model.

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