Secure Global Collaboration with Information Labeling and Handling

The Aerospace and Defense (A&D) industry is a significant target for what has become a common problem – the theft.

A&D companies are tasked with guarding the proprietary information that passes through their hands during the course of contract performance. That same information must also be shared with customers, collaborating partners and suppliers in their engineering, manufacturing and logistical processes. Protecting that information requires hundreds of complex policies, regulations, contracts and licenses, many of them spanning national and international borders. Companies must be able to interpret those policies and regulations, identify data sensitivity and apply access and data protection controls consistently across organizations to meet information security requirements. Security technologies and standards do already exist, including digital policy management, data labeling, access control and rights management. But the A&D industry has lacked integrated solutions that bring those technologies together. Learn how NextLabs can help bridge gaps and provide key solutions.

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