When changing the organizational and ownership structure of an enterprise, safeguarding data can become quite challenging. These challenges arise when a company sets up a joint venture, divests a subsidiary, or acquires another. When this occurs, it is vital that certain information be shared to increase productivity, while other information remains private.  

As mentioned, in the case of a joint venture, a major challenge is asset sharing. Employees who are assigned to the joint venture may also have responsibilities to their company outside the joint venture, requiring access to both company and joint venture assets. This can cause difficulties as each company needs to share information and assets that pertain to the joint venture, while keeping other assets private.  

Divestitures are when a company is divided into multiple entities. This can occur for many reasons, however, when this does occur, employees and assets must be divided accordingly. In this process, it is crucial that proper restrictions are placed on to the systems, assets, and data of the soon-to-be divested organization in order to avoid confidential information from being viewed. 

Mergers and acquisitions are complex as there are various systems and or databases that need to be merged. In doing this, the format of the imported data must be modified to fit the decided systems in place. In this acquisition or merger, it is important to ensure that each employee has the correct access in the acquired and acquiring companies.  

NextLabs addresses these issues through its Entitlement Manager (EM) and Data Access Security products that allow administrators the capabilities to define dynamic policies that are enforced at runtime in the data access layer. By defining policies at the layer between the application and the underlying database they will be applied, the data will be protected regardless of what data structure or where in the application the user is trying to access the data. 

Entitlement Manager (EM) and Data Access Security products are easy to implement and maintain—meaning a quick time to value, perfect for fast-paced, dynamic working environments. Companies using SAP ERP, can use NextLabs’ Data Access Enforcer (DAE) for SAP to define and enforce policies within SAP applications. Further Data Access Security products can be used to work with JDBC, ODBC, or BigQuery database applications. Since these products function at the data access layer, they can be configured and used within weeks. Moreover, there is no need for custom code development, which reduced complexity and maintenance.   

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