Dynamic authorization is a technology in which authorization and access rights to an enterprise’s network, applications, data, or other sensitive assets are granted dynamically in real-time using attribute-based policies. 

Unlike traditional Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), which requires administrators to continuously monitor, update, or alter rights on specific files or records. Dynamic authorization grants or denies access to data in real time based on characteristics such as the location, department, job function, among other environmental attributes. 

Importance of Access Control 

The access control process serves as an essential line of defense to safeguard the crown jewels of an organization. It is essential to address the principles of least privilege and separation of duties while granting the minimum amount of access.  

For organizations, inappropriate or insufficient access control may result in negative effects and losses that are hard to foresee and assess. Inadequate control over corporate assets and funds or the leakage of sensitive information could also have a significant financial impact. 

How does dynamic authorization work with ABAC to streamline the management process? 

The management process is greatly streamlined by a dynamic authorization system using ABAC. It eliminates the requirement for daily, individual administration of tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of access-control lists, roles, and role assignments. Therefore, removing the need for organizations to implement expensive and complex identity governance solutions. 

With ABAC, hundreds of roles can be replaced by just a few policies. These policies are managed centrally across all sensitive applications and systems, making it easy to add or update policies and quickly deploy them across the enterprise. Centralized management also provides central monitoring and tracking of user activity and data access providing compliance and security officers with insight into user behavior and suspicious activities. 

All in all, dynamic authorization will enable organizations to react quickly to changes in business or regulatory environments, greatly increasing agility and flexibility, and enhancing overall data protection. 

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