Traditional Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a form of data protection that can be applied to audio, video, documents and software. The current exponential growth of global digital business networks results in the need for enterprises to apply DRM for managing, controlling, and securing critical online assets from unauthorized users. NextLabs SkyDRM is a Digital Rights Management solution that provides persistent protection to safeguard files and enables secure sharing. The protection provided stays with the document, regardless of where it’s stored or who it’s shared with inside or outside your network, on file servers, or in the cloud.

SkyDRM works to strike a fine balance between ensuring enterprises can efficiently collaborate while also protecting their sensitive information. In order to demonstrate SkyDRM’s features, a solution demo use case series was created, where 12 short demo videos show how users can protect documents, share, and monitor it anywhere. This digital rights management solution demo series has been categorized into the following core areas:

User Rights Management

The first area demonstrates the most common use of SkyDRM in an enterprise, which is to manage user rightsProject administrators can invite new members to confidential project files and adjust their access rights accordingly. Files can be safely shared through the automatic granting or revoking of user access rights based on attributes in the policies enforced.

SkyDRM’s feature “clientless access grants the ability to open, decrypt, and view an encrypted file in a browser, without having to install any software or go through any authentication steps. It allows users with the right permissions to have greater flexibility and control over protected data. When dealing with multiple files, administrators can use SkyDRM’s “folder level controls, where file(s) dragged into an encrypted folder will auto-encrypt, however file(s) dragged outside of the encrypted folder won’t decrypt.

For the scenario when an employee leaves the company, SkyDRM’s “break-glass decryption can be used to provide a ‘master key’ for IT to decrypt/access files without needing terminated user’s account.

Enterprise Level Visibility

The second area demos how SkyDRM benefits large organizations where thousands of users request access to files at any given moment. To help ensure access is easily monitored, SkyDRM can provides “enterprise level visibility.” Through centralized monitoring and reporting, administrators can achieve greater visibility on user and data access activities. Companies can set up an “enterprise console” to provide an overview on encrypted files and file activity. Aside from user activity, the digital rights management solution also records information on device type and ID, location, time, and user action while utilizing centrally managed policies that allow enterprises to increase control over critical files, enabling the revoking of access rights when necessary. While authorization management enables streamlined user log audit, reporting, and IT administration.

Efficient Data Protection Anytime, Anywhere

The third area features how SkyDRM can ensure that protection stays with the files regardless of where they are stored or who requests access. Its “encryption portability feature allows controlled decryption based on permissions, ensuring that when an encrypted file is taken offsite, data is still protected. This is useful when trade secret documents must be shared below the firewall or offline, where DRM can also utilize “desktop and offline encryption capabilities to ensure files are protected regardless of storage medium.

SkyDRM also provides dynamic authorization that encrypts or decrypts with “any file format (e.g. .doc, .ppt, .cml, .pdf). With a “Microsoft 365 integration,” users can send the protected file via Outlook with the enforced access controls providing consistent protection. The DRM solution is also interoperable with “Microsoft Information Protection (MIP)” to change the ‘sensitivity’ label of files integrated in Microsoft, adjusting document access rights. Files can be opened automatically in its native application and be unencrypted through a simple “double-click quick-access.”

The SkyDRM solution is available as SaaS and on-premise, providing extensive features that enable organizations to streamline the control of how files are used and ensure sensitive files are protected from unauthorized access. To learn more about NextLabs Digital Rights Management and its use cases, watch Nextlabs DRM Solution Use Case Demo videos, or read What is Digital Rights Management?