Entitlement Manager for Sharepoint

NextLabs Entitlement Manager for SharePoint provides an integrated and streamlined solution to ensure access is controlled and security is maintained to prevent cyber breaches, maintain regulatory compliance and minimize administrative costs.

Entitlement Manager is natively integrated into SharePoint so the additional security capabilities are transparent to the end user. It provides centrally-managed, policy-based access control across SharePoint sites and servers to enhance the native security model of SharePoint by enabling attribute-based authorization to SharePoint data. Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC) enables powerful rules that authorize users based on multiple factors about the user, the data and the environment, including classification of the file, user status, and information about the device or network location.

An ABAC policy may state, “Allow only Engineers on Project Destiny, located in US or UK, to access parts classified as Project Destiny.” When a user attempts to access a document classified as Project Destiny, no matter where the file is stored in SharePoint, this rule is validated in real-time with no perceptible latency.

FEATURES Column 2 Value
Complete Solution Entitlement Manager for Microsoft SharePoint is the only complete solution in the industry that integrates and automates the four crucial processes — Authorization, Classification, Enforcement and Audit. Column 2 Value 2
Fine Grained Authorization Entitlement Manager for Microsoft SharePoint leverages our dynamic authorization technology to make a more informed access decision at the time of request. The ability to utilize variables about who, what, when and where results in better authorization decisions. The system requires far fewer policies to make a determination, alleviating the exponential increase in roles and role-based policies to accomplish the same thing. Column 2 Value 3
Automated Data Classification Organizations struggle with the need to adequately classify their information. Entitlement Manager for Microsoft SharePoint can automatically discover and classify Microsoft SharePoint sites, pages, lists, libraries, items and documents, and apply automatic tagging to protect all data rights on upload. Column 2 Value 4
Segregate Data by Policy Policy-driven data segregation controls ensures data is uploaded or downloaded based on data classification. Data segregation enhances compliance with regulatory mandates, such as data privacy and export control laws, by automatically segregating data and ensuring appropriate data residency. Column 2 Value 5
Transparent Rights Management The NextLabs solution provides end-to-end protection of intellectual property using Enterprise Digital Rights Management. In Entitlement Manager, transparent rights management automatically applies rights protection to documents stored in SharePoint. Once protected, document-level access and usage controls will persist with the file, no matter where it is downloaded or distributed. Column 2 Value 6
Regulatory Compliance Entitlement Manager for Microsoft SharePoint provides fine-grained attribute-based authorization and access control policies to help companies comply with regulations such as ITAR, HIPAA, SOX, NERC, FERC, PIPAA and many more.
Intellectual Property Protection SharePoint provides some permissions and information control policies, but the use of these tools is at the discretion of end users or individual site administrators and the tools are not robust. Entitlement Manager provides centralized control and enforcement of information access policies so users cannot inadvertently share inappropriate information within the company or with third parties.
Streamlines Administration This solution makes it easy for companies to ensure that they are in compliance with all regulatory controls and internal business policies. The policy based solution significantly reduces the number of policies needed to accomplish access enforcement making it fast and efficient to create/modify and deploy policies. Complexity associated with administering and maintaining a large number of permissions and roles is greatly reduced – resulting in a significant reduction in administrative costs.
Improves Time to Value The easy-to-deploy solution integrates with existing SharePoint deployments out of the box, requiring minimal effort and shortening time to value. Organizations have implemented Entitlement Manager for SharePoint in minutes and hours.
Comprehensive Reporting The system tracks all data access and usage to provide complete visibility into all activity.

Managing Information Risk for Microsoft SharePoint


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