Control Center

One Platform for Data Segmentation and
Data-Centric Security Across Applications

NextLabs Control Center is a centralized platform that enforces security policies consistently across the enterprise and beyond. It’s powered by dynamic authorization technology and is the backbone of NextLabs’ Entitlement Management and Rights Management products. Control Center integrates automated data classification, access control, rights management, and audit capabilities into one powerful platform that enables you to better align policies with rapidly changing business requirements.

The Challenge Today

These days, data and application security is managed in several data silos with separate teams, processes, and tools.  For instance, there could be silo with ERP and CRM applications, another one with document management systems, another one with SaaS applications, and yet another with unstructured data floating around.

The problem with all this is that there’s no unified approach to enforcing security and compliance policies and identifying threats across these silos.  It becomes incredibly difficult to scale and expensive to manage.  Collaboration becomes more challenging and you often lack the necessary agility to respond quickly to dynamic business conditions.

The net effect is that you risk compromising your valuable data or you fall out of compliance with the myriad regulations you may be subject to.

The Solution for Tomorrow

A modern approach is thus required to contend with the new challenges created by this new IT landscape – one in which the focus is on the data.  Because 80-85% of data originates from applications, a framework that takes into account the synergies between data and applications is best-suited to accommodating the complexities associated with this new landscape.

In essence, a data-centric approach is fundamental to safeguarding the business processes that further organizational agility, global collaboration, and cost reduction initiatives.  It’s a future underscored by an automated and centralized policy management framework – one in which native integrations bring functionality and scalability to new levels that can keep pace with today’s complex IT landscape.

With this framework, you can secure data anywhere it goes – whether it’s inside or outside an application – and enables you to optimize information lifecycle management.

Know Your Data
and Applications

Protect Data
at the Source

Protect Data
on the Move

Monitor, Audit
and Report


Secure Collaboration and Information Sharing

Consistent policy enforcement across all your critical applications. Your data stays protected either inside or outside the application.

Automated and Streamlined Compliance

Improved ability to remain compliant with regulations or industry mandates. Since most of the compliance workflow is automated, this lowers the cost of compliance too.

Enhanced Business Agility

Quicker response to ever-changing business conditions and market requirements. This is crucial to surviving and winning in highly competitive markets.

Reduced Administration
and Cost

More automation means less application development and IT involvement to achieve corporate objectives.

Key Features


Create and manage data and application access policies in one platform.


Evaluate policies in real-time using the latest information on users, data, and environment.


Scale easily to meet complex authorization requirements of mission-critical applications.


Author policies without help from IT using pre-defined components and conditions.


Deploy in private or hybrid clouds through CloudAz, the industry’s first cloud authorization service.


Track and store user activity and data access in a central audit repository.


Integrate data classification, access control, rights management, and an audit repository in one platform.


Enable fine-grained authorization via attributes that provide contextual information at the time of access.


Centrally manage authorization policies outside of the application, eliminating the need for costly code changes.