Technical Data Export Compliance for SAP

Technical Data Export Compliance for SAP2023-11-15T12:29:39+00:00

NextLabs® and SAP® have teamed to provide an end-to-end solution for controlling the export of physical goods, digital goods, and technical data. The Technical Data Export Compliance Solution for SAP Global Trade Services (SAP GTS) is designed to address export control requirements dealing with the handling and protection of defense or other technical data. The solution enables businesses to:

  • Centrally manage access control policies to ensure export compliance
  • Centrally classify or leverage SAP GTS material classifications to identify technical data
  • Extend SAP access control context to provide policy-based access to SAP business objects through the SAP GUI and SAP Portal
  • Provide attribute-based policies to limit who can access technical data
  • Automate end-user training on policy decisions
  • Monitor and audit authorized export corresponding with approved licenses and defined business policies
  • Provide a full audit detailing technical data exports to satisfy regulatory compliance reporting requirements

Inappropriate Disclosure of Technical Data

With globalization, enterprises face an ever more difficult challenge complying with export regulations, such as the US International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), German BAF EAR A, UK Export Control Act (ECA), and similar export regulations. These export regulations impose fines and penalties for inappropriate disclosure or deemed export of controlled information. These regulations impact enterprises across a broad industry spectrum, including companies in Aerospace and Defense, High Tech, Industrial Machinery and Components, Chemicals, Energy, and Life Sciences.


With the Technical Data Export Compliance solution, your export-related tasks no longer mean extra effort but become part of a reliable business routine. The benefits include:

  • A single integrated export control solution with SAP GTS, covering physical goods, digital goods, and technical data
  • Automate global trade compliance management by actively preventing violations and by centrally logging all export of technical data
  • Lower compliance costs associated with various export control regulations such as US ITAR, US EAR, German BAF EAR, and UK ECO export regulations
  • Automatically educate users on policy decisions to enhance awareness
  • Integrates with SAP GTS to centrally track and audit the shipment of physical goods, digital goods, and technical data
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